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Dermal fillers: 
Tear troughs

  • Eliminate dark circles 

  • Restore lost volume

  • Fresh, rejuvinated appearance 

Cropped shot of a young caucasian woman's face with dark circles under eyes before and aft

Tear trough filler

Dermal fillers are hyaluronic-acid based fillers that are used to add volume to different areas of the face. Dermal fillers are available in different densities (thicknesses) that allow the replication of different tissue types. 

Tear troughs are the areas under the eyes that can lose volume with age, creating hollows. Shadows bouncing off these hollows create the appearance of dark circles. Low density, ultra thin, filler is used to fill the delicate tear trough area, creating volume whilst maintaining a smooth appearance 

Dr Horlick uses a range of techniques to achieve the optimal result for her patients. 

Tear trough filler with Dr Horlick


Dr Horlick is highly experienced in the art of tear trough filler. She will first assess your tear troughs and advise on a whether you are a suitable candidate for tear trough filler. The filler treats dark circles created by hollows, rather than hyperpigmentation. Clients with dark circles formed from hyperpigmentation will not be suitable for the treatment. Similarly, patients with excessive skin and puffiness will not be suitable, as adding filler would worsen this appearance.


Tear troughs are a complex area, that consist of both medial and lateral portions. They are worsened by loss of volume in other areas of the mid-face, such as the cheeks, and can be accentuated by crow's feet. Dr Horlick will therefore recommend a bespoke treatment plan to achieve the best results. 

Once you have agreed on a treatment plan, you will proceed with your treatment. Dr Horlick will listen carefully to your goals and will tailor the treatment to suit your needs, providing a truly bespoke experience. 

The process 

Before treatment 

At your consultation your goals will be discussed and your tear troughs assessed. Dr Horlick will recommend a treatment plan based on these, possibly including extra treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections for crow's feet. A consent form will be completed and before photos taken. You will now be ready for your treatment.

During treatment 

Your face will be cleaned and local anaesthetic cream applied. Once the numbing cream has taken effect, your treatment will commence. 

After treatment 

After photographs will be taken. You will be advised of the aftercare instructions and provided with a leaflet detailing them. A follow-up appointment will be booked. The consultation and treatment time is around 45 minutes. 


You can expect to see your results immediately, although they will continue to develop for up to 2 weeks as the filler attracts water. Expect to see your healed results at 2 weeks. Results last 9-12 months, depending on a variety of individual and lifestyle factors. 

The results

Ria tear troughs.jpg
Tor tear trough 1.jpg
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