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Dermal fillers: 

  • Create or restore volume  

  • Improve lip shape and structure  

  • Improve the appearance of perioral lines

  • Bespoke experience 

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Dermal fillers for lips 

Dermal fillers are hyaluronic-acid based fillers that are used to add volume to different areas of the face. Dermal fillers are available in different densities (thicknesses) that allow the replication of different tissue types. 

Medium density dermal fillers are used to create or restore volume to the lips. They can be used to create structure and to plump the lips. 

Dr Horlick is highly experiences in lip fillers and uses a variety of different advances techniques to

achieve your desired effect.  

Injection cosmetology

Lip filler with Dr Horlick


Dr Horlick is highly experienced in the art of lip filler. She believes that every lip is unique and thus requires a careful evaluation and treatment plan. She uses a combination of advanced lip filler techniques to achieve each patient's desired goal. 

She is experienced with all lip filler techniques, and can therefore either create subtle enhancements of the lips, with natural-looking results. She is also highly experienced with Russian lip technique, where the lips are elongated, producing a voluminous but flat effect. She can therefore cater to those wanting a more dramatic enhancement. 

Dr Horlick will listen carefully to your goals and will tailor the treatment to suit your needs, providing a truly bespoke experience. 

The process 

Before treatment 

At your consultation your goals will be discussed and your lips assessed. Dr Horlick will recommend a treatment plan based on these. A consent form will be completed and before photos taken. You will now be ready for your treatment.

During treatment 

Your lips will be cleaned and local anaesthetic cream applied. Once your lips are numb, Dr Horlick will commence the treatment. 

After treatment 

After photographs will be taken. You will be advised of the aftercare instructions and provided with a leaflet detailing them. The consultation and treatment time is around 45 minutes. 


You can expect to see your results immediately, although swelling +/- bruising will present for up to 2 weeks following the treatment. Expect to see your healed results at 2 weeks. Results last 9-12 months, depending on a variety of individual and lifestyle factors. 

The results

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Ria immediate healed.jpg
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Proud to offer flexible payments with PLIM. PLIM offer 0% finance, allowing you to split the cost of your aesthetic treatment over 2 or 3 payments, depending on the value.

Sign up to the PLIM website now to find out how much you could borrow, or find out more in clinic. Approval for finance takes as little as 5 minutes. 

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