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Fat dissolving injections

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Fat dissolving injections contain compounds that are capable of dissolving fat. They consist of an aqueous solution that is injected into the fat just under the skin. The active ingredient breaks down the cell wall of the fat cell to release the contents, which are then expelled by the body. Fat dissolving is the ideal treatment for stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to exercise and dieting. Most areas can be treated with fat dissolving injections. Multiple treatments are usually required, with at least 1 week in between sessions. The number of treatments required depends on the quantity of fat in the affected area. Usually at least 3 sessions are required for optimal results. The size of the area and the quantity of fat present determines how much product is required. Price is determined by area size, and thus quantity of product required. Read more about area sizes below. 

Fat dissolving treatments

Fat dissolving

Small areas 

These are small fat pockets that only require half a vial of product at each treatment. Areas include: 

  • ​Chin 

  • Pre-jowl complexes 

  • Lower abdomen (depending on amount of fat)

  • Upper abdomen (depending on amount of fat) 

  • Male breast 

Large area 

These are large pockets of fat or smaller pockets of fat on each side of the body. Large areas include: 

  • Upper abdomen (if large amount of fat)

  • Lower abdomen (if large amount of fat) 

  • Upper and lower abdomen (if small amount of fat in each) 

  • Outer or inner thighs 

  • Backs of arms 

  • Back 

  • Back of thigh (below buttock) 

Extra large area 

These are much larger areas, requiring double the product of a large area. Examples of areas include: 

  • Upper and lower abdomen (if larger amount of fat) 

  • Inner and outer thighs

At your consultation we will assess the volume of fat and advise a treatment plan based on this. Don't worry if you are unsure of the size of the treatment size required, your treatment can be amended on the day if necessary. 

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