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Excessive sweating: 
Armpit tox

  • Stops sweating 

  • Improves confidence 

  • Removes psychological aspect of excessive sweating 

Shaved Armpit

What is hyperhidrosis? 

Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating in the armpit region. Many people suffer from this and it can lead to a vicious cycle of self-consciousness, which in turn leads to increased sweating.  

Botulinum toxin A, the same substance that is used for anti-wrinkle injections, temporarily blocks the production of sweat by sweat glands and therefore halts sweating. 

Not only does this lead to short-term cessation of sweating, this also acts as a circuit breaker to stop the psychological aspect of sweating. It can therefore reduce sweating long-term. 

Shot of an unrecognizable man undressing because of the heat and sweat on a hot summer day

How is hyperhidrosis treated?


Botulinum toxin A is used to treat hyperhidrosis. The product, once diluted with saline, is injected just under the skin, to reach the sweat glands, on which it acts. 

As the treatment is injected locally, it is extremely safe. It is relatively pain-free as the product is injected above the level of the nerves. Each injection feels like a small scratch. The effects last around 3-4 months but can last longer with repeat administration. A top-up is not required. 

Dr Horlick will assess your needs and apply the product accordingly. 

The process 

Before treatment 

At your consultation, Dr Horlick will give a thorough explanation of the procedure and what it entails. A consent form will be completed and before photos taken. You will now be ready for your treatment.

During treatment 

Your armpits will be cleaned, injection points marked and then the product will be injected. The marks will be cleaned off and your treatment will be completed. 

After treatment 

You will be advised of the aftercare instructions and provided with a leaflet detailing them. A top-up appointment will not be required. 


You can expect to see your results at 5-7 days, with maximum effect seen at 14 days.  Results last at least 3-4 months, with sweating returning gradually and often less severely than before the treatment in many patients. 

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