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Price List for Treatments

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

1 area:      £150

2 areas:    £195

3 areas     £210

All treatments prices include a free 2-week top-up if required. There is a £50 supplement for each additional area. Men incur a £90 supplement to the above prices, due to the higher quantities of product required. 

Speciality areas

Masseter- for teeth grinding or wide-set jaw: £250

Platysma (neck lines): £295

Underarms for excessive sweating: £295

Dermal Fillers


0.6ml: £195

1.1ml: £250

Lip filler dissolving: £175


Cheekbones, chin or jawline 

1ml: £175

2ml: £325

3ml: £450

£150 for each additional 1ml

Nasolabial (laugh) lines: £250

Vertical lip lines: £250

Marionette lines: £250

Hand fillers: £350

Liquid rhinoplasty (nose)- £325

Tear troughs- £325


£250 per session 

£450 for initial 2 sessions if paid for together 

Initial treatment consists of 2 sessions, 1 month apart. After this 6-monthly maintenance is advised 

Fat dissolving injections 

Small area- £150 

Large area- £200 

Extra large area- £250 

Packages of 3 sessions 

Small area- £395 (£131 per session)

Large area- £495 (£165 per session) 

Extra- large area- £600 (£200 per session)

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